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Breaking Records with Tomlinson's Feed

Every year from the Friday after Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve, each bag of pet food donated to Tomlinson's Feed Pound4Pound pet food drive is doubled-- pound for pound. We are one of the 44 lucky rescues that receives enough food to feed our dogs year round, just from our supporters' participation!

In the holiday season of 2022, Pound4Pound raised 178,858 lbs of food. The amount we were allotted fed more than 30+ dogs this year. This giving season of 2023, animal lovers all over Central Texas dug deep and helped break the 2022 record. Donors raised the bar to 191,896 lbs, to be distributed between 44 beneficiaries.

During the Pound4Pound event, donors can vote for their rescue of choice. Each donation and each vote from our supporters means more food for Highland Lakes Canine Rescue!

So how did Highland Lakes Canine Rescue measure up? We will receive 4,285 pounds of high quality dog food in 2024.

Nourishing Our Dogs

Most animal shelters do not have the luxury of being choosy about the food that is donated to them. Most take what they can get and are happy enough to have provided a meal at all to their animals. At Highland Lakes Canine Rescue, we prioritize the rehabilitation of our dogs as much as saving them from no-good situations.

Change of diet is a great place to start for dogs with skin, gut, and behavioral issues. Upon arrival, each dog is examined by a Lab Technician and placed on a diet that makes sense for the health of the dog. Luna, a senior Black Labrador, gets kibble formulated for older dogs. Vitamins, minerals, and easy to chew kibble will keep the ailments of age at bay.

Boxers are notorious for have sensitive tummies and we often elect to nip that in the bud with a gastropexy procedure. Fran is one such Boxer and gets a grain-free kibble loaded with omega-3's. Her shiny coat is an added bonus!

Most dogs will thrive on what Tomlinson's Feed gives us because it is most often grain-free and well balanced for optimum health.

We look forward to our first delivery of the year in March and thank the wonderful folks at Tomlinson's Feed that provide for our dogs year after year. Thank you all for being the driving force behind the health of homeless animals in the Texas Hill Country.


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