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New Digs For Needy Dogs

A very special building on Highland Lakes Canine Rescue’s property is the new Carole Ann Keiffer Care Facility that houses our most vulnerable dogs. The previously named "B&B" had been maintained to be the space for rehabilitation and recovery. Because of the generous donations from our community, Mrs. Keiffer and the careful planning of the HLCR Board and Executive Director, the building underwent a complete transformation this past year. Now that the dust has settled, we are excited to share the amazing contributions and results of the remodeled and rechristened Carole Ann Keiffer Care Facility.

Sign in honor of Mrs. Keiffer and her Doberman, Guy, who's funds she set aside for his care were re-dedicated to HLCR upon his passing.

The Carole Ann Keiffer Care Facility is a space that specifically targets those in desperate need of sanctuary, healing and hope of a happier future in a loving home. It houses those dogs 

Diamonds in the Ruff program:

  • Mothers and Puppies

  • Mange

  • Heartworm Disease

  • Intense Surgery Recovery

  • Disability

  • And more

Named in the memory of Carole Ann Keiffer, this building commemorates her enduring love for rescues and our furry family members. Her incredibly generous donation towards the shelter upon her passing significantly impacts the many dogs that have passed and will pass through its doors.



With the talented and generous help of Gibson Remodeling, every aspect of the building was reinvisioned to focus on optimal care with an emphasis on:

  • Sanitation

  • Efficiency

  • Comfort

  • Accessibility

The internal space was completely opened up, providing us with a larger working area to care for our precious charges. This open floor plan minimizes clutter and maximizes accessibility. 

A fourth room for canine housing, an adjoining outdoor run, hookups for new dog washing unit and a restroom and shower accessible to visitors, staff and volunteers were added.

The facility now has space for its own washer and dryer units. HVAC renovation was prioritized for the best air quality, including the installation of a HEPA filter. Finally, a guillotine doors between kennel rooms were added for the ease of transfer between rooms -- particularly litters of puppies and quarantining.

Thanks & Impact

We extend our thanks to everyone involved in making this long-awaited renovation dream come true:

Carole Ann Keiffer

Chuck Gibson & Gibson Remodeling Team

Facility Manager Cody Broker

Bee Cave Methodist Church

Critical Care Kennel Sponsors

The renovation of the old “B&B” into the exceptional Carole Ann Keiffer Care Facility has enabled HLCR to better support our mission of providing the best care for the most critical of cases within our Diamonds in the Ruff program. Our community's steadfast support behind our mission to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome at-risk dogs that make up 80% of our population has created amazing opportunities for these innocent souls to have better lives and loving homes.

A few HLCR canines that have been impacted by the Carole Ann Keiffer Care Facility:

HLCR Diamond Alum Hank: Amputee
Currently Housed Diamond: Princess Peach and Puppies
HLCR Diamond Alum Marnie: Heartworm Disease Free

How You Can Help

Want to sponsor a Carole Ann Keiffer kennel directly? Become a Critical Care Kennel Sponsor

Learn more about the Diamonds in the Ruff program

Support our Diamonds in the Ruff: Donate to our Medical Fund


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