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Legacy Society

Planned Giving

We continue to save and rehabilitate needy and abandoned dogs when you choose to leave a little of your legacy through planned giving.


Please consider joining HLCR's Legacy Society. It is a great act of 'evergreen' kindness that blooms year round from your life on.

Now & Fur-ever

You can help now through donations from an IRA or later through your will or trust.


Making the decision to include HLCR in your plans directly effects the health and lives of thousands of dogs- and families- for years to come!

Use Of Funds

Located on a 15-acre ranch in the Texas Hill Country, we currently have 5 buildings dedicated to dog health care and adoption and a small, dedicated staff of technicians and employees.


Whether helping do things like revamping a treatment facility or rebuilding a very important pen fence, treating animals for mange or providing behavior training, your legacy will be put to optimal use to ensure dogs get amazing care and lead the best healthy lives they can. Let us know if you are interested in learning more!

  • Utility Bills

  • Staffing

  • Repairs

  • Veterinary Costs

  • Basic Care Costs

  • Expanding Kennel Capacity

  • Developing New Features

  • Improve Basic Care Standards

  • Community Programs


Your Options

Qualified Charitable Donations & Required Minimum Donations

Dogs like Lulu, a 4-year-old Border Collie who had heartworms, would never survive in a county or city kill shelter. HCLR rescued her and began treatment.


Those costs were covered by a donor who did a Qualified Charitable Donation from his IRA to meet his Required Minimum Donation.


While we're not financial advisors and we suggest all donors consult theirs, by donating to HLCR, Lulu's benefactor lessened his taxes while saving a deserving dog.


Contact us with your interest in a QCD! We're happy to provide the documentation you and your advisor need.

Wills & Trusts

Over 22 years ago, Highland Lakes Canine Rescue (HLCR) commenced its mission, aiding Central Texas families by placing often overlooked yet exceptional dogs into suitable homes.


Designate HLCR as a beneficiary in your estate to ensure the continuity of their rehabilitation efforts and serve as a crucial link in facilitating adoptions.

While our core focus remains unchanged, there has been a shift in prioritizing the wellness of the dogs, with 80% requiring medical attention. Your support contributes directly to their care, guaranteeing they achieve optimal health before adoption.


Every dollar significantly impacts the well-being of each dog in our care.

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Leave A Legacy

Fill out the form below. Once completed, a member of our team will reach out via phone or email to discuss the next steps.

On Our Team

HLCR is lucky to have shelter friends and members of the financial industry helping us:


Randy Whitehead formerly of IBM

Dan Black formerly of Fitch Ratings

David Redding of Argent Trust

Steven Baker of Giordani, Baker, Grossman and Ripp, LLC


Thank you for your guidance!
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