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Amplify Austin Event

Why Amplify?

While year-round giving keeps the roof over dogs, gifts made on Amplify Austin Day are matched by generous sponsors to make your donation go even further.


Additionally, your gift will help us win a prize! Our supporters have helped us win the Early Giving Prize year after year. 


In 2023, I Live Here I Give Here raised over $300K in matching funds, prizes, and incentives for the nonprofit organizations participating in Amplify Austin Day.


Amplify Austin Day

During a single 24-hour period from

6:00 PM on March 6 to 6:00 PM on March 7, 2024

residents across Central Texas will come together to support Highland Lakes Canine rescue and more than 700 nonprofits by making a donation through the platform,


I Live Here I Give Here

Amplify Austin Day is made possible by a non-profit with a mission to amplify giving in Central Texas through cultivating and creating deeper connections for givers and the issues they care about.

Matching & Prizes

On Amplify Austin Day, the site is activated with special matches that amplify your gifts.

Non-Profits can be awarded for special milestones during Amplify Austin Day too: Most Unique Donors, Most Funds Raised, Early Giving and more.


Our loudest and proudest supporters are given their own fundraising profiles where they can tell their story and enlighten others about the lives they save by donating to Highland Lakes Canine Rescue

Early Giving Prize

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of our loudest and proudest, Highland Lakes Canine Rescue has won an Early Giving prize every year!

What is Early Giving?

Amplify Austin opens their platform long before the main event on March 6th to help non-profits drum up some buzz about the big day!

Donations made from January 24th until March 5th make us eligible for the Early Giving Prize and any matches sponsored by businesses and the I Live Here I Give Here Fund.

Early giving prize.png
Early Giving Saves Lives

The 2024 prize amounts to $3,500! What could Highland Lakes Canine Rescue do with the prize?

  • Vaccinate 60 dogs or

  • Neuter 21 dogs or
  • Feed every dog in house for 7 months or
  • Provide Dental surgery to 7 senior dogs

Your support during this critical period means a lot to us, and it means even more to our dogs that need medicine, surgeries, and quality of life care.

Fundraise For Us

Fundraise With Us

Be loud and proud about Highland Lakes Canine Rescue's mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and secure loving forever home for abandoned dogs in the Texas Hill Country!

You can help drum up donations by becoming a Fundraising Champion.

Prizes & Potential

Highland Lakes Canine Rescue can be awarded an additional $1000 just by having vocal and active fundraisers on our side!


For each Fundraising Champion that collects donations from 10 individuals, we are entered to win a $500 award. Another $500 award can be won for every Fundraising Champion that raises at least $500!

Active Fundraising Champions also have the opportunity to win tickets to Austin City Limits this year.

How It Works
  1. An HLCR volunteer will call and ask you about your love of dogs or if you have a rescue, for their story.

  2. She’ll ask you to text or email her a picture of you, your family and/or your dog.

  3. She’ll use this to build your personal Amplify profile online.

  4. When the time comes, she’ll send you pre-written emails to share with your contacts.

  5. Email, text, or share on social media with your contacts asking them to make a donation. This email will include a link to your personal Amplify page which your contacts can use to donate.

  6. After two weeks: Send a reminder email to your people. Life is busy, they forget!

  7. On Amplify Day, March 6-7: Send out a final ask to make the biggest difference.

Amplify Austin is a critical period that makes a massive difference in HLCR’s ability to rescue animals. Much of our budget comes from Amplify fundraising. The more fundraisers, the bigger opportunities to raise these more funds that allow HLCR continue the mission.


Call or email us now to be our voice during Amplify Austin! | 830-693-0569

Our Fundraising Champions

HLCR is lucky to have friends helping us raise funds. Thank you to our cheerleaders and supporters for the 2024 Amplify Austin season:


Jay B

Julianne B

Michaela B

Ranveig B

Janelle B

Katie B

Cody B

Sue B

Sarah C

Patty C

Vickie D

Sandra D

William D

Alex D

Ramona D

Tammie F

Karri G

Jeanne G

Caleigh H

Chris H

Rachel H

Kathy M

Alisa M

Jeannette M

Amber M

Kay N

Taylor O

Brittany O

Marta S

Emily S

Kristin S

Cinda S

Tammy V

Jan W

Carol W

Janette Y

Thank you for your voice & effort!

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