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Together Furever

Over the years, HLCR’s mission has honed in on a primary goal– rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming dogs with special medical and behavioral needs.


Sadly, few organizations within Central Texas possess the resources necessary to share this charter, and we have found there is a significant gap to fill within our local community.


The lives of these “Diamonds in the Ruff” are greatly at risk. At HLCR we are committed to finding the unpolished gems and devoting the additional time and funding necessary to make them adoptable again.

Meet Our Diamonds

Each dog has a story that we are happy to share. Our Diamonds In The Ruff are in varying stages of their recovery. After careful assessment by our staff and veterinarians, they will graduate as Diamond Alumni and be ready for adoption.


Open your hearts for Barry, a very shy two year old pup in need of a little time and nurturing. Barry was an owner surrender to one of our partners, but the nature of why they surrendered is unknown.

Barry is currently going through a lot of stress during this transition  period of his life. As a Diamond, Barry will receive specific assistance  to address his fearful behavior and anxiety. One step at a time, staff  will apply appropriate socialization techniques based on his progress to  help him come out of his shell. 

With the help of our wonderful volunteers, Barry will get designated periods of time meant just for one on one interactions with him to rehabilitate and nurture a sense of trust. This will include periods for walks, cuddle or play time and more until he is ready to put himself out there for a stable, forever family.


Goofy and pure, we knew Doug was a little different and the perfect Diamond. He was found as a stray and moved around for space needs before meeting us. With his looks, waddle-like walk and personality, it was suspected he had a history with distemper disease. Distemper is a violent and deadly disease that often leaves behind permanent damage and a compromised immune system if the victim survives. Even though we can’t be totally sure due to his unknown background, he has tested positive for heartworm disease and will need a future family that will love him despite his handicap. As a Diamond, Doug will receive the sanctuary he needs to observe his special gait and his future heartworm treatment. His silly and loveable self has already captured our hearts, and we are happy to be a part of his health journey.


Echo is a marvel of canine intelligence, wrapped in a furry lovable package. She's not just smart - she's downright brilliant! Though quite young, Echo is heavily impacted by a common trait amongst German Shepherds—double hip dysplasia. Determined to give Echo the best chance at a pain-free life, we're preparing for a journey toward healing. Her hips will soon be evaluated for the possibility of corrective surgery. In the interim, Echo will begin gentle physical therapy, laying the foundation to bolster strength in her hind legs. Her resilience and unwavering spirit inspire us as we rally around her, dedicated to providing the care and support she needs to thrive.

Princess Peach

Meet Princess Peach, our adorable mom-to-be! Found as a stray, she arrived at a partnering shelter ready to burst with puppies! Already caring for another mother with a brand new litter, they reached out to HLCR so that Peach would have a safe space to deliver and care for her babies.

Despite her unknown background, Princess Peach captivates everyone with her pocket-sized cuteness and a personality that could melt even the hardest of hearts. We're thrilled to have our newly renovated Critical Care Unit available for her upcoming litter, as we eagerly await the arrival of her puppies. 

With each passing day, anticipation grows! We can't wait to meet them and share their journey with you. Stay tuned for updates on Princess Peach and her precious pups!


Meet Sadie, a Diamond waiting to sparkle in her forever home. This adorable senior was found as a stray, but we believe that she came from a caring family. Her confidence, affection and gentle demeanor shine through appreciative eyes, indicative of a past filled with love. It’s impossible not to spoil this darling girl, and she absolutely knows it! She is in great shape for her age, but needs to be spayed as well as have a loose tooth extracted. Sadie’s affectionate nature and charming personality make her a perfect companion for anyone looking to spoil a deserving dog. With her golden years ahead of her, Sadie eagerly awaits the perfect forever home that will provide her with the indulgence she expects and undeniably deserves.


Sarabi is a Diamond whose story really tugs at the heartstrings! Abandoned by her previous owner, she was caught on camera chasing after their car, desperate not to be left behind. Ultimately, Sarabi was picked up by Lakeway Animal Control and then made her way into our care. Her journey took an unexpected turn when she began showing early signs of pregnancy! A recent ultrasound revealed the presence of at least five developing puppies. Sarabi is preparing to welcome a new litter into the world, and we are so excited to meet her growing family very soon. Our ultimate goal is to find each of her puppies a permanent, loving home. And of course, we hope to find the perfect family for Sarabi too!

Adoptable Alumni

These dogs have completed their rehabilitation and are ready to trust again and put their hearts out there. Can you resist these polished gems?

Louisa & Daphne

Both being as sweet as pie with quirky, cute looks, it’s hard to imagine someone not falling in love with these two! Growing up in an isolated environment, Daphne and Louisa were raised amongst mom and siblings with little outside socialization for months. Falling into the care of one of our partners at Bandera Animal Control, it was clear this wiggly duo only needed a platform to quickly find a loving home. But upon closer inspection, both seemed to have some skin redness and irritation on the face and other sensitive areas. As Diamonds, they received supervision, treatment, as well as a diet curated for nutrition, allergies and sensitive skin. It was only a matter of days before their skin cleared right up! Their joy and curiosity of the world was so infectious, Daphne has found a home of her own. We will continue to nurture Louisa’s zest for discovery until she can find one too!


We just can’t wrap our heads around neglectful care! Someone placed a collar on Autumn when she was a pup, and never resized it or removed it as she grew. This caused her body to grow around the collar, which created a large necrotic wound that spanned the entire circumference of her neck. When animal control found her, they immediately reached out to a local veterinarian and begged for help. Once the removal surgery was completed, good Samaritans from around the community called in and paid much of the medical tab. Once she found her way to us, we were tasked to complete the final throes of recovery including many bandage changes and months of detailed wound care. Now that she has reclaimed the last months of her puppyhood, we can see her through to finding a home that deserves her winning smile and boundless positivity.


Fran,  a resilient dog who is ready to embrace a life filled with love and  care. Fran’s journey started as an exclusively backyard dog, left to  fend for herself in poor conditions until animal control came to her  rescue.

Due  to her previous hands-off owners, Fran never received the socialization  she needed, but we’re committed to helping her overcome these  challenges and make up for lost time! She has at last been successfully  paired with a dog friend, and we will continue to expand her social  circle.

Fran’s  time outdoors without proper medical care led to her contracting  heartworm disease, but she has completed treatment at HLCR and is now  heartworm negative. Fran may appear a little rough around the edges, but  underneath that exterior lies a true diamond.

She has a heart full of love to give and is eager to form a deep bond with her forever family.


A  hidden gem, Ruby holds the title as the longest-standing resident at  the shelter. She joined us during a space crisis at a partnering shelter  in Waco.

Upon  her arrival to HLCR, Ruby tested positive for heartworms. However, over  the course of her 12 months with us, we guided her through the  necessary treatment process. Just days shy of her third birthday, Ruby  received the incredible news that she had tested negative for  heartworms.

This victory means she can now fully embrace a life of running, romping, wrestling, and playing fetch to her heart’s content.

She has spent enough time in the shelter system and we can’t wait to see her embark on a new chapter with a family of her own!


Luna  eagerly awaits her forever family! Before finding her way into the  shelter system, her family of many years made the difficult decision to  surrender her to one of our partners.

She  had several masses growing on her back and legs, raising concerns about  the possibility of cancer. To increase Luna’s chances of finding a  forever home, removing and testing the lumps were paramount, making her a  perfect fit as an HLCR Diamond.

With  the help of our partners at Spicewood Vet Clinic, Luna underwent  surgery to remove the masses. Fortunately, the lumps were not cancerous.  Luna also had a recurring flareup of skin irritation around her eyes,  now relieved by a grain-free diet.

We are delighted to present Luna worry free and more adoptable than ever!

Why Support Highland Lakes Canine Rescue?

No-Kill and Privately Funded
Stress less about the dog you pick or the pup you pass over. Our dogs receive nourishing diets, in-house medical care, spacious over-night kennels, large yards for all-day play, and daily enrichment. All by loving staff and volunteers. They have all the time in the world to find the only thing we can't give them...
...Their forever homes.

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