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Medical Fund

Mend & Manage

HLCR saves dogs who need medical attention and rehabilitation.


We rid them of heartworms, manage their mange, heal their injuries, help them through pregnancy and birth, pull decaying teeth and mend their skin issues too.


To give dogs the critical care needed to live, please donate today to our Medical Fund. Every dollar gets them closer to happy AND healthy.

Drax, suffering from Mange & complications of mange
We Save The Ones That Other Shelters Can't

Eighty percent of dogs rescued by HLCR go through some form of rehabilitation before they are adopted. Other shelters do not have the time or resources to treat medical conditions. Unhealthy dogs do not survive at typical shelters. At HLCR, unhealthy dogs heal and thrive.

Dedicated To Wellness

Donations made toward the Medical Fund are guaranteed to fund treatment of sick, injured, and impaired dogs. You can feel confident that your donation is going where it is needed most!

Preliminary Vet Care

We're blessed to have good standing with local vets that provide reduced rates for most procedures, but dog owners know medical care has become very costly over the last few years.


This donation helps get a consultation visit covered and sometimes medication. The bill for a first time visit for unwell dogs is at least $100, and often much more.


Your help gets them the important first step in their healing process.

Special Care

Dogs like Spirit need extra care, tenderness, medicine and treatments.


That includes specialized supplements, shampoo for mange, topical ointments and antibiotics to fight the infections.


This donation goes directly to treatments that increase quality of life for a dog on their healing journey.


We suggest an amount of $250 but are grateful for any help toward immediate care.

Surgical Procedures

Some of the dogs we receive are injured in ways that can't be healed without surgery. Poor Chance was attacked by an aggressive dog at a holding facility before he came to us.


His eye had to be removed and the gashes in his nose were stitched up. The good news is he's healed, happy, and adopted.


Without help to get that surgery, he would still be suffering-- a fate no dog deserves.


Surgery typically ranges from $500 and up, so help of this caliber makes a huge difference!


Donate To Our Medical Fund

Use the form below donate to the medical care of our dogs in need. Choose an amount to help save a life!

Why Support Highland Lakes Canine Rescue?

No-Kill and Privately Funded
Stress less about the dog you pick or the pup you pass over. Our dogs receive nourishing diets, in-house medical care, spacious over-night kennels, large yards for all-day play, and daily enrichment. All by loving staff and volunteers. They have all the time in the world to find the only thing we can't give them...
...Their forever homes.

Diamonds In The Ruff

Extraordinary Pups In Extraordinary Need

These dogs make up the 'rehabilitate' part of our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome dogs in the Texas Hill Country. Follow their progress as they become forever-home ready, these gems will be too precious to pass up once they are polished and available for adoption.

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