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Meet Autumn: A Survivor Ready for Her Forever Home After Overcoming a Severe Neck Injury

Warning: Graphic images of Autumn's lesions are in the blog below.

Autumn’s life was saved Thanksgiving-week of 2023 because an entire community stepped up when they were needed most.

Brady Animal Control gets called all the time for stray or neglected dogs, but this time was different. Officer Jessica Morrissette took one look at Autumn and knew she needed immediate vet care. A puppy-size collar around Autumn’s neck was never adjusted as she grew into the 1-year old dog she is today. The fabric embedded into her skin, only able to be removed surgically.

With Officer Morrissette’s quick thinking, Autumn was rushed to the veterinarians at Menard Animal Clinic. Pet owners know that an emergency vet visit isn’t free, so Officer Morrissette posted a simple plea on facebook asking for help to pay for the surgery.

Embedded Collar Injury
Found tethered outdoors with a small collar embedded in her neck.

One by one, strangers called in to Menard Animal Clinic to contribute to Autumn’s care fund. Neighbors helping neighbors to uphold the precious bond between human and canine. The surgery was paid in full by people who saw Officer Morrissette’s post! But Autumn’s 360-degree open wound will require at least 5 weeks of intensive care…

Autumn’s story made it through the grapevine to local animal advocate Robin Chiesa of Llano Animal Rescue. Highland Lakes Canine Rescue has answered Robin’s call more than once for dogs with exceptional need, so Robin started making arrangements to close the 2-hour gap between us and Autumn.

In no time at all, Brady 911 Canine Rescue volunteered to raise money and sponsor Autumn’s transportation, while Barbara Higginbotham of Llano Animal Rescue took the helm as transporter! The very next day we received this sweet young lady with open arms, and began the 5-star treatment she needs to recover.

Autumn's Recovery

It has been 8 weeks since Autumn arrived at Highland Lakes Canine Rescue. It's been a long recovery but we have done everything we can to make it comfortable for her. Her treatment included

  • Daily bandage changes

  • Antibiotics

  • Pain Management

  • Calming Treatments

  • An extended stay in our quarantine unit

Autumn healed
Happy & Healthy Autumn shows off her healed neck.

Autumn regained her health quickly, and had some energy to burn. While we couldn't risk having her play with other dogs until her wounds closed completely, Autumn has excelled in our Basic Training Program. She's mastered 'Sit' and has grown accustomed to waiting for permission to go through thresholds.

We are excited to see the phase of Autumn's recovery where she can move out of Quarantine and into our General yards and kennels. The milestone marks two important opportunities for Autumn:

  • Befriending other dogs and

  • Becoming available for Adoption!

Let us introduce you to a brave girl who hasn't let her trauma win.

Meet Autumn

Like that beautiful leaf you couldn’t help but take with you, Autumn will capture your heart with one look. Lovely and full of life, the only resemblance to her name is her breezy approach to life.
Nothing can get this girl down and her positivity is heartwarming to the soul. All your adventures, Autumn can keep up! Spending time in the yard or activities will be a must for this go-getting sweetheart. Autumn is also an enthusiastic cuddler and loves to hang out with people for some valuable one on one time.
She can’t help but show off her puppy dog eyes for any affection she can get. For those looking for a best friend that will be by your side, Autumn will be your enthusiastic and loyal confidante.

Learn more about her and apply to adopt on Autumn's Profile.

As a Diamond In The Ruff, Autumn benefits from our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and secure loving forever homes for abandoned dogs with treatable medical or behavioral conditions. Our mission is funded entirely by generous individuals and the skill of our volunteer grant-writer. You can save lives with us by Adopting, Donating, or Getting Involved!


Glad to see how people from all over the country came together to save little Autumn. The support and kindness that strangers have shown is truly inspiring! Please record a podcast on this topic using Together we can help our four-legged friends.

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