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Marnie | Diamond In The Ruff Pupdate

Our resident senior St. Bernard-Boxer has tested negative for heartworms!

If you aren’t familiar with Highland Lakes Canine Rescue’s mission, let us bring you up to speed with our lovely Marnie.

When we took in Marnie she tested positive for heartworms. Heartworms are a deadly parasite for dogs, and most publicly funded organizations like county animal control or local animal shelters do not have the resources to treat the condition.

Heartworm-positive dogs are most often euthanized first at other organizations.

Here comes the sigh of relief: we use as much as 80% of our space and resources to take in difficult-to-treat cases like heartworm-positive Marnie here! We love, care for, and treat them in their dire condition at our no-kill rescue proudly-- come what may.

In our care, Marnie has received treatments in line with the American Heartworm Society’s guidelines, plus additional care for her arthritis:

1) Steroidal and anti-parasitic pre-treatments to improve the success of adulticide injections 2) Three rounds of injections to eliminate adult parasites 3) Much-needed solitude and bedrest at our B&B house to prevent overexertion 4) Physical therapy and pain relieving treatments for her age-related arthritis 5) Dietary supplements for complete nourishment 6) Monthly heartworm preventative meds

Today we can proudly say that after a months-long battle with heartworms, Marnie tests NEGATIVE and has returned to our general population for adoption. While she was getting our love and attention during treatment, she now has friends to play with during the day, and that brings us so much joy!

Our staff, vets, volunteers, donors, supporters, and YOU make it possible to pull our Diamonds In the Ruff up and out of the dark. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Let Marnie and her fellow Diamonds In the Ruff shine brightly.

For information on heartworms and how to prevent them and the costly treatments for eradication, visit the American Heartworm Society at or ask your vet!

To help us cut and polish more Diamonds In the Ruff, consider donating at


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