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HLCR Newsletter June 2024

Adoptable dogs in Marble Falls, Texas

Marty Solar Mario Oliver Toadette Eclipse Princess Peach

Welcome Stephen!

We are thrilled to introduce our new Executive Director, Stephen Lusby! Stephen is a native Texan, serious dog lover, and a resident of the Highland Lakes area. He brings his vast experience in networking, community relations, marketing, staff management to HLCR. Stephen will focus on building greater public awareness of our unique mission at HLCR by engaging with donors, community partners and volunteers. While working closely with Jay, Rachel and Cody, he'll be able to expand our fundraising efforts to support the extraordinary work done here.

HLCR Executive Director Stephen Lusby 2024

As a quick background, Stephen was born in Houston and was raised in Southeast New Mexico in an oil and ranching community. He moved back to his home state of Texas in 1995. He worked in the golf industry in various capacities and in marketing and sales organizations where he excelled in brand awareness, negotiating and marketing.

When asked why he wanted to join our team at HLCR, Stephen replied, “I’m excited for the challenge and know that this is the right place for me at the right time. While I was not raised in the Highland Lakes area, this has been my home for 19 years and I am passionate about making a difference in my community. I am confident that there is no better way to achieve this than through HLCR alongside our dedicated staff and volunteers."

“I would also like to thank my predecessor, Brittany Osbourn, as there are many accolades that need to be given her way. The staff and operations of HLCR are exemplary needing nothing other than getting out there, face to face with the community to make HLCR a name everyone recognizes."

“I look forward getting to know our donors, volunteers, partners and neighbors soon. Stay tuned for some exciting events that will be coming up on the calendar. I, the HLCR staff, the Board and especially our dogs appreciate your continued support of Highland Lakes Canine Rescue and we look forward to sharing our stories and news with you.”

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Jordan's Way

The Jordan's Way fundraiser livestream was a huge success, all thanks to our volunteers and donors! We surpassed our $15,000 with over $20,000 donated for abandoned at-risk dogs!

For those who missed it, Jordan's Way is a touring organization specializing in Facebook livestreams to raise funds for rescues like ours. HLCR staff, board, and volunteers took on crazy challenges to support homeless dogs in need of love, care and protection. Catch the replay on our Facebook page!

Thank you to everyone who came out on the 15th and made this success possible. Special thanks to Kris, Mary and Deanna at Jordan's Way, Janelle Boutte, Sue Bienkowski, Bee Creek Methodist Church, Cody Broker, Karri Gibson and all who donated towards our mission.

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Dog mom and puppies on a blanket

Diamond Feature: Sarabi & The Pride

Caught on camera chasing after a car, Sarabi was dumped on the side of the road by her previous owners. Later picked up by Lakeway Animal Control and transferred to our care, she began showing early signs of pregnancy. Sarabi's time of birth was another surprise. It occured much earlier than previously projected. Thankfully, Sarabi and all six of her puppies are completely healthy. Lovingly named after The Lion King, soon they will be ready for adoption! In the meantime, we will be there for mom and pups every step of the way towards a brighter future.

Diamond Update: Echo

German Shepherd in a yard with a yellow ball

Echo is now out of the woodwork of the dreadfully boring process of hip correction surgery recovery! Only a year old, she had been diagnosed with double hip dysplasia. Even though this condition is common for German Shepards, her condition was unusually chronic for her age. In order to live a pain-free life, correctional surgery was deemed a necessity.

Echo received great care at Central Texas Veterinary Specialty Hospital but the recovery process has LOTS of crate rest and can take up to three months. Now that she has been given the thumbs up, Echo can frolic in a yard, play with other dogs and enjoy the life-changing benefits of her correctional surgery made possible by our outstanding community. 

Click here to learn more

about the Diamonds in the Ruff program!

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April 2024 Adoptions

Adoption Count: 7

Who: Nala, Phoenix, Nibbler, Louisa, Paulina, Sprocket, Rosalina

Shelter dog adoption photo
Shelter dog adoption photo in Highland Lakes
Shelter dog adoption photo 2024
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Welcome New Volunteers

Julie Kennedy

Michael Shackley

Teresa Lalk

Kim Bump

Bobby Hales

Isabelle (Izzy) Martin

Michelle (Shelly) Kruse

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Volunteer Update

I want to thank our many volunteers who came out and participated in the Jordan's Way fundraiser. Our new director, Stephen, commented how he was so impressed with our volunteers. It was a super fun, crazy and amazing day! It took awhile to clean the "cream" pie and raw egg out of my hair when I got home.

We surpassed our goal and I have fulfilled my promise to do a tattoo since we reached it! So Chance (our HLCR logo pup) will now be permanently and always with me! We know what to expect now so if we do this event again next year, we'll be even more prepared to raise more money for our pups.

If the extreme heat continues, do not be surprised to see the afternoon walking shifts go away, replaced by snuggling shifts only in the afternoons.

Do we have a volunteer(s) willing to come out weekly or even bi-weekly to help Cody do the mowing and trimming? If you may be able to do this, please let me know so I can set it up online by emailing

Want to get involved? 

You can sign up for any of these events listed

above by going to

Search for signups under

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