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HLCR Newsletter July 2024

Adoptable dogs in Marble Falls, Texas

Eclipse Solar Zazu Simba Rafiki Timon Pumbaa

News: Local Distemper Outbreak

In the recent weeks, local animal control offices and public shelters have confirmed cases of distemper including Llano and Burnet counties, City of Marble Falls and partner shelters. Many facilities are suspending all intake and adoptions the outbreak is under control. HLCR has zero distemper cases, but will continue to monitor the situation.

So what is distemper? According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), “Canine distemper is a contagious and serious disease. The virus attacks the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and nervous systems of dogs.” It is an incurable, often fatal disease. Dogs become infectious 6-22 days after exposure to the virus. Symptoms begin 14-18 days after exposure. Those at particular risk include puppies under four months of age and seniors. Common signs of distemper are thick discharge from the eyes and nose, fever, cough, lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea. 

The best practice for prevention is vaccinations. Every dog at HLCR receives a canine distemper vaccine at intake if they haven't already received it. Always available at vet clinics, it is considered a standard, essential vaccine.

If you can lend a hand, please reach out to our shelter partner Hill Country Humane Society, as they cope with this emergency widespread emergency outbreak. Cash donations, bedding and towels are needed. They ask to please drop off on facility porch or call to let them know your arrival.

Drop-off location:

Hill Country Humane Society

9150 W RM, 1431 Buchanan Dam, Texas 78609

A community effort is crucial to keep our area healthy and all dogs safe, so remember to take your pet to your vet for their yearly vaccines!

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Camp Champions

Once upon a time, in the sweltering heat of June, the valiant campers from Camp Champions came to our aid not once, but twice, lending their heroic hands to our many projects. Armed with enthusiasm and a can-do attitude, they joined forces with our facility manager, Cody Broker, despite the heat!

Volunteers from Camp Champions in Marble Falls, TX poses in front of Highland Lakes Canine Rescue sign.
A volunteer for a dog shelter uses a mower to pull several pounds of gravel.
Volunteer kids reinforces fencing for a dog shelter in Marble Falls, TX.

These fearless champions tackled a lot. They mowed, patched up the sneaky dog-dug holes, installed H-braces, added climb-proof fencing and moved mountains — well, several hundred pounds of gravel. Their efforts expedited numerous projects, making our facility a better place for our furry friends. These campers are true champions! A huge shoutout to Cody and the camp staff for orchestrating such an incredible group of helpers.

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Diamond Update: Farley

A Basset Hound with demodex mange.

This lovable Basset Hound was rescued from a harrowing neglect situation by Medina Animal Control. Found in terrible condition, Farley suffers from demodex mange—a non-contagious condition that causes skin irritation, discomfort, pain, and hair loss due to an overpopulation of mites. On top of that, Farley has growths that need to be checked for malignancy. Fortunately, Demodex mange is highly treatable. With our skills and the support of our veterinary partners, we’re confident we can get Farley back on his paws in no time. His journey from neglect to recovery is just beginning, and we’re determined to help him prepare for a future filled with love and care. 

Click here to learn more

about the Diamonds in the Ruff program!

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June 2024 Adoptions

Adoption Count: 7

Who: Nala, Yara, Princess Peach, Barry, Daisy, Toadette

Shelter dog adoption photo
Yara & Peach
Shelter dog adoption photo in Highland Lakes
Shelter dog adoption photo 2024
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Volunteer Update

July 13th - Tomlinsons in Lakeway - need extra person to promote volunteering with HLCR

July 18th - Brixton Care Home in Horseshoe Bay - take 1 dog to visit the residents for only 1 hour

July 20th - PetSmart in Bee Caves - need extra person to promote volunteering with HLCR

July 26th - Arbor House Care Home in Horseshoe Bay - take 1 dog to visit the residents for only 1 hour

July 27th - Cadillac Dance Hall - We will be taking dogs and greeting people as they begin arriving at 6:30PM and staying until 8:30PM with the dogs. The band starts playing inside at 7:30 and we would love to have a bunch of HLCR supporters participate inside promoting HLCR (wear your HLCR t-shirt with your boots if you want). Entrance fee is only $20 and we understand they have really good hamburgers and fajitas. They have set-ups for you to BYOB. Online signup is open!

August 8th - Pup-keno - at the Trails Clubhouse in Horseshoe Bay - A fun fundraiser with great raffle items, prizes, nibbles and margaritas. Tickets will go on sale soon so be sure to reserve your seats when they become available. You can buy tickets & reserve a table for your friends or just buy one for yourself.  

September 7th - Market Days on Main in Marble Falls 10AM-4PM

October 24th - Volunteer Appreciation event at The Trails Clubhouse in Horseshoe Bay - Save the date! Watch for your evite invitation.

November 7th - Bark at the Art - gala and one of our main fundraisers of the year - SAVE THE DATE, this is a good one!

December 7th - Market Days on Main in Marble Falls 10AM - 4PM  

February 12th - Dinner at Double Horn Brewing in Marble Falls 4-9PM - plan dinner out & bring all of your friends. HLCR will receive 20% of all sales (food & Beverages) That could be a add some big $$$ to help care for our pups!

Any questions about using SIGN UP GENIUS to volunteer or questions about any of these events email Janelle at

Want to get involved? 

You can sign up for any of these events listed

above by going to

Search for signups under

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