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Diamond Alumni: Ruby

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

A Diamond and a gem, alumni Ruby holds the title as the longest-standing resident at the shelter, and we are eagerly anticipating the day she finds her forever home. She joined us during a space crisis at a partnering shelter in Waco, and we have been dedicated to helping her find the love and care she deserves from day one. Upon her arrival to HLCR, Ruby tested positive for heartworms.

After the long treatment process, Ruby received the incredible news that she tested negative for heartworms. This victory means she can now fully embrace a life of running, romping, and playing fetch to her heart's content. We believe that this significant milestone will bring her one step closer to finding the perfect family to cherish her.

She has spent enough time in the shelter system and is ready to capture hearts—let's ensure she doesn't waste another precious moment to make memories as she waits for her forever home.

Learn more about Ruby on her profile.


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