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Lend A Hand

Our rescue was founded by volunteers and it continue to thrive because of the time donated by members of our community.

Volunteering with Highland Lakes Canine Rescue is easy & flexible!


Learn more & apply for orientation below.

Community Service Hours Count with Us!

Orientation, training & volunteering shifts (excluding travel time) count for community service hours. Please provide your own record keeping and paperwork for our Volunteer Coordinator to sign and approve.

Teens aged 14-17 can volunteer if they're always accompanied by a parent/legal guardian who has also applied & completed the required orientation/trainings.

Walk, Talk, or Wag

We value all types of skills and interest, so there is always something you can do. Opportunities for most ages, abilities, and skill levels.

Hands On

- dog walking

- bathing & grooming

- training & enrichment

- adoption events

- transporting (vet, events, etc)

Behind The Scenes

- landscaping & maintenance

- fundraising & marketing

- housekeeping & organization

- filing

- IT help

Making Connections

Use your personal network to help us expand our reach in the community

- places to put donation boxes & flyers

- inspiring local businesses to sponsor events

How To Volunteer

How to Volunteer

Safety is our number one priority for both our dogs and volunteers. Knowledgeable volunteers are safe volunteers!


After orientation and training sessions you will have the basic skills you need to start walking and handling rescue dogs.

Orientation & Training

First, submit an application to volunteer. Our Volunteer Coordinator will reach out to applicants and invite them to a group orientation to learn more about HLCR and our volunteer process.


Orientation sessions are always on the first Saturday of the month! Training sessions depend on the kind of volunteer work you are interested in, but usually include shadowing an experienced volunteer.

All Volunteers must:

- Complete Orientation plus 2 Training Sessions

All Ambassadors must:

- Complete Orientation, 2 Training Sessions, plus shadow a marketing event.

When Do I Start?

As soon as you have completed your orientation, you can 'sign up' for volunteer shifts online. We use SignUpGenius.Com to post available shifts for dog walking, dog snuggling, adoption events, and special events.

- No minimum shifts required

- Shifts are usually 1-2 hours long

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator will help direct you to projects and activities you are interested in doing, even if they aren't listed as an available shift. Don't be shy about sharing your unique skills or aptitudes, sometimes you can help in ways you least expect.

Opportunities for Students

Club and program coordinators are invited to bring their students to Highland Lakes Canine Rescue for hands-on learning and working experience.

Reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator about visiting our facility or creating a unique program.

Janelle Boutte

Volunteer Coordinator

Elementary School Examples

- Write about the dogs they meet. Practice descriptive and persuasive language. Their work can be displayed on their dog's adoption profile to help get them adopted!

- Paint dog houses and fences. Learn the value of art and express creativity.

Middle School Examples

- Beautify our 15-acre property. Practice group work and project management. Students can plant native gardens, maintain walking trails, and aide in simple construction.

- Read to or play music for dogs. Practice comprehension, performance, and confidence with a forgiving audience. Attention and new experiences provide enrichment to our dogs.

High School Examples

- Build dog houses. Practice project management and practical skills. Students can work in groups to build shelter and play equipment for dogs of all sizes.

- Model a Non-Profit. Learn fiscal responsibility and practical business skills. Students can take mock positions as board members, make meeting minutes, design a yearly budget and operating plan, or calculate operating costs.

Organizations That Volunteer

An organized group is a powerful thing! Many of our fences, yards, and play equipment have been built with the help of local church groups and businesses that set aside time to help in their community.

Please consider helping us with our current and upcoming improvement projects.

Janelle Boutte

Volunteer Coordinator

Bee Creek Church

This industrious and generous congregation has worked on several improvements projects. Their work has provided us with spacious and safe yards for the dogs to spend the day in, and gorgeous walking trails to enjoy in the mild weather.

Thank you, Bee Creek Church for your dedication to helping your fellow dog.

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Application

Apply to volunteer with Highland Lakes Canine Rescue. Once completed, a member of our staff with reach our via phone or email to schedule your orientation.

Having trouble viewing our adoption application? Use our direct link, here.

Why Volunteer With Highland Lakes Canine rescue?

No-Kill and Privately Funded
Stress less about the dog you pick or the pup you pass over. Our dogs receive nourishing diets, in-house medical care, spacious over-night kennels, large yards for all-day play, and daily enrichment. All by loving staff and volunteers. They have all the time in the world to find the only thing we can't give them...
...Their forever homes.

Volunteers Save Lives

Shining A Light On Rescue Dogs
Volunteers do the very important job of putting our dogs in view. While at the shelter, our diamonds in the ruff can only be found find adopters actively searching the web for a new companion. There is some stiff competition online, with upwards of 8,000 adoptable dogs within 100 miles of Highland Lakes Area. Taking dogs out to adoption events where their personalities can shine is the best way to get them into forever homes. 

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